We bought a house!!!!

After over a year of searching and countless offers, we are finally in contract!!! It’s a cute little house that just needs a little love. Nothing a little paint and some new shutters can’t fix, right?

Kidding! We are tearing this sucker down and we start construction on this land next week! This house was an answer to so many prayers. Finding a ranch style house on more than an acre was nearly impossible. Then if we did, it was on a main road or it needed more work than we were able to do. And the renovated ones we found, I reacted to the chosen materials/chemicals in the house or our offer wasn’t the one they chose out of the dozen offers they received (even offering tens of thousands over asking and with no contingencies….. this market is crazy!!!!)

The house we are building will be a ranch (yay for no stairs and easier accessibility for me!!) and will have ALL the things on our “need” list and more things on our “want” list than we thought possible. Things like a fireplace and a pantry were not deal-breakers for us, but they were things we wanted. And this house will have them! And the property is over 5 acres of trees and potential. It’s so perfect and the biggest blessing!

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