June 2020

The Long Version

After meeting with two different custom home builders and finding out that what we wanted was out of budget, my husband started encouraging me to think outside the box. We met with the builders of a house that we toured that we really liked (and… Read More »The Long Version

Building vs Buying

“Are you planning to keep a journal of all this? This building a house and homestead thing?” “Yeah, something like that.” Admittedly, I had no idea how much I would enjoy writing and keeping track of my thought process through this entire ordeal. (Although, as… Read More »Building vs Buying

We bought a house!!!!

After over a year of searching and countless offers, we are finally in contract!!! It’s a cute little house that just needs a little love. Nothing a little paint and some new shutters can’t fix, right? Kidding! We are tearing this sucker down and we… Read More »We bought a house!!!!