Steadfast Steps

Building a House, Creating a Homestead, and Finding Ways to Make Life Simple

My name is Jackie and I’m the person behind Steadfast Steps.

I’m naturally creative and curious, but all of this is new to me. I can’t even keep a houseplant alive, yet I want to garden and forage 5 acres, keep animals, and learn to live the way my great-grandparents did. But I also have RA and I can’t always do things the “normal” way. So, I’ll be finding ways to make daily tasks easier.

Follow along for the blunders and the success stories. I promise it will at least be interesting!

Starting from Scratch

This whole world of building a house from nothing but a plot of dirt and turning it into a home and homestead is really far out of my comfort zone. I do not have a green thumb, yet I fully intend on having a garden. I wasn’t able to complete all the projects in our first home, yet I’m starting the biggest project of them all! 

Add to that fact, that I have rheumatoid arthritis and some days involve nothing but the couch and a heating pad. How will I manage a homestead? Quite frankly, I don’t know, but doesn’t it sound like an adventure??


We Bought a House!!!!

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Why did we decide to build instead of buy?

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Why this page is named “Steadfast Steps”

It’s not a super simple answer 


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